Surfboard Car Round Rug Oifah Bubl

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Surfboard Car Round Rug Oifah Bubl is not just a door mat or floor mat. With muted colors, and geometric patterns you can choose from it can make any room in your home seem more alive! The round shape also ensures that no space goes to waste. It's the perfect way to secure an inviting feel with a hint of modern design.

Nobody is impressed by your taste in furniture anymore. Here at Dalab Shop, we make them himself-rugs! You can spruce up any stoop or drab hallway with these patterned beauties. They come in every possible shape and pattern so you don't have to settle for anything less than a round rug from Dalab Shop!

We have a variety of sizes for Surfboard Car Round Rug Oifah Bubl from small hall rugs to large mats for your living room, kitchen, and entrance way. Don't settle for a boring mat! Make sure you check the dimensions of your doorway before purchasing a round rug to ensure that it fits in your space comfortably or looks proportional with the size of your entryway.

Surfboard Car Round Rug Oifah Bubl's thickness of 0.4 inch is perfect for a high-quality touch to any room, and the non-skid surface will keep your children from tripping over it. The non-slip feature is perfect for hardwood floors, but it's also ideal for carpeted rooms. Your children are sure to have the time of their afternoons with this round rug placed just outside your child's playroom!

We don't just do rugs here at Dalab Shop, we also pay attention to all of our customers' safety and health needs. That's why we have mats! We are the only company that makes mats better than all of our competitors with advanced design and cutting-edge technology. Round Rugs is the premier source for safety mats of any size, shape, or color.

We also have round rugs for your dining room if you want extra durability. If you haven't noticed already, all of our rugs are very durable. Most are made with 100% natural jute fiber for indoor or outdoor use, easy to clean with soap and water, scratch resistant even with the most active of children playing on it! The design is printed directly onto the fabric so there's no chance of peeling or fading. Round rugs aren't just for kids; they're for everybody living in the modern world!

This luxurious round rug features a premium heat dye sublimation print that will never fade. All these rounds are super soft, just the way velvet should be. Get your next luxury rug today!

Care Instruction: 

  • Vacuum the top of the rug, then flip it over and vacuum the back of the rug.

  • use a rug shampoo and follow its specific directions (found on the bottle) for mixing.

  • Using a sponge or soft-bristle brush, work the cleaning solution into a lather on the rug.

  • Let it air-dry outside on a laundry drying rack. This may take 24 hours or more.

 Why should you go for our Round Rug?

  1. Our Rug is a premium heat dye sublimation print that will never fade! 

  2. All these rugs are super soft, just the way velvet should be. 

  3. They come in every possible shape and pattern so you don't have to settle for anything less than a round rug from Round Rugs!

  4. Stylish and Luxury design.

  5. 100% Brand New, Never Used before.

  6. Easy to Clean & Washable with soap and water, etc...

  7. Our customer support team is always here with an answer or to solve any issues you may have.

Please read the information below carefully prior to purchasing:

- Product ships out within 5 - 7 business days after payment is received and confirmed. Please note that we do not ship or deliver on weekends or holidays.

- Shipping time may take 7 - 15 business days. Some remote areas may take longer.

- Please pay attention to our holiday shipping schedule (varies depending on location).

Please be noticed that our Round Rug is made-on-order, so the delivery time will take longer than usual. We usually deliver within 10 to 15 working days. If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please contact customer service.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via Email - At Dalab Shop, we are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and want each and every customer to be satisfied with their Round Rug purchase. While we make every effort to ensure that all customers receive the correct order, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

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